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Penny Sale

Penny Sale:

These are E-bay only sales.

What is it? Cost?
-All listings start at $0.25, not a penny to cover the insertion fee on ebay.
-Shipping is rounded to $8. This covers the cost of a tracking number.
-All orders are shipped upon recent of payment.
-Payment must be received within two weeks of end of auction.
-Combined shipping is not offered.

-These orders are not eligible for any special offers from 1Kitai.

-Items are shipped “as is” unless otherwise stated; we will not do alterations to pieces for free.

These items are test pieces. They are not lower quality or anything like that, their just pieces I wanted to see how they would look going from 2-D to 3-D.

The sales will be every few months, no pieces should be the same ever.

-The first sale should be December 1st and ads will run on ebay for default ebay ad length.

If you wish to be updated when a sale will run e-mail onekitai[at]yahoo[dot]com subject: sale. To be updated anytime we add things e-mail with the subject: update
e-mails with no subject will get added to the update list.

Again, listings start at $0.25 plus $8 shipping ($8.25 total) The price may go up depending upon how many people bid.

Each piece is crafted the same way $80 orders are, and the same grantee applies. If It is damaged due to a fault of ours return it to us and we’ll fix it.

* Size of all costumes/outfits are listed in the ad.

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