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Commissions (costumes and other things)

Open: Click the cut for more info

Due to my location costumes could take up to 4 weeks to complete so keep that in mind when you order them. Most of the time it will be less then this, but I warn you just so you know.

What I need from you:

A reference image or what you want, ether a picture or a sketch will work. Front and back is preferred; if you can also provide a side image it would be helpful.

Measurements needed:
Arm from shoulder to wrist
Shoulder to shoulder
Neck to waist
From neck to ankles (or however long you wish)(for something such as a coat, for a skirt please measure from waist to as long as you'd like it)
I may need different measurements depending upon what it is you want, but these are the base ones.

If you need help figuring out how to measure you can visit this link: http://www.voguepatterns.com/tech/measure/measure.html

I am asking you not to send money at first, let me see what you want and I’ll make sure I can make it first. Also prices I charge will directly be effected by the price of material.

Two things to keep in mind, first off I am willing to do payment plans on things such as costumes, meaning rather then paying the full amount at once you can make small payments and as soon as your costume is paid for I’ll ship it to you. Second, in most cases (not all) if you can find the costume on ebay for a price I can probably make it cheaper, I can’t 100% guarantee it, but I will try.

If for whatever I can't make a costume I will let you know. (That's the one of the reasons I want to see a picture before I give price or anything like that)

About Wigs:

I have a person who does all my wigs (I do not handle wigs). If you need a specific wig contact me and I can ask her about doing one for you. Chances are she'll do it a little above cost. I will need to know what character and possibly may need a reference picture (as with costumes). Also if ordering with a costume I can see about combining shipping.

Shoes/boot covers:

I do not handle boot covers, I know someone who does however. Like wigs and costumes reference picture is needed and I’ll get back to you. Combine shipping is also available.

Click here to see pieces/costumes I've done in the past. (please note, I don't have picture of all of my costumes cause I'm a dork and forgot to take pictures at some cons. Also some images are hard to see since they were taken at cons.) If it says "Commission" in the summery then it was made for someone else, also you can see the full info on the picture by hovering over it. Expect this to be updated any time I finish anything from now on. If it says "In progress" anywhere in the information it means that piece was not finished at the time the picture was taken).

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