1kitai (1kitai) wrote,

Convention travel kits

Kits prices do not include Shipping

Okay if your like me your always forgetting one thing or another before a convention, or maybe you don't know what to pack in that 'just in case bag'. I'm going be putting together travel kits that contain the basics everyone needs when they travel some where.

They will include all the items I find people forget or need over the course of a weekend. Also oddball things that are useful that people forget to pack.

The cost for the basic one is $20.
(Item name: Con kit-basic)

For cosplayers, you would get the same kit, but with added things for emergency costume/prop repair.
Cost: $30
(item name: con kit-cosplayer)

And now (added after Otakon) for those of us who really want to be prepaired, the ADVANCED kit. Includes everything in both kits and even more stuff. Some of the stuff included is a washcloth/pompom, among other things so it really is worth it. This comes in it's own travel bag.
Price: $50 (trust me it's worth it)
(item name: Con kit-advanced)

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