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Important: Please read the entire page before sending anything, failure to follow all directions will result in the item being returned without any work done.

Yes we do those as well. However as each job with these will be different I am unable to give you an upfront cost. Total cost will be based upon hours taken to complete each job. Base cost will be $10 (up to five items), this covers shipping back to you, as well as the cost of me looking at your item. This must be included with your items.

Base Price Scale:
1-5 items= $10
$2 for each addition item.

Tag your items!:
Also, please tag each item with instructions as well as your name/user name (if applicable). We are not responsible for lost items if you do not tag them. How do you tag them? Simple, get safety pins and pin your name to some part of the garment.

Instructions included for all pieces:
Each garment will have to have it’s own separate set of instructions, ie take in what, fix what. This can be done in one of two ways, ether write separate instructions on sheets and attach them to each piece. Or number your items ie. Pants #1 and write the instructions on one long sheet.

Clean things only!:
Please make sure what your sending to us is clean. We will refuse to work on anything that has not been washed before it was sent to us.

Rush Orders:
Need something like yesterday? Normally we do orders in a first come first serve order. However in the event your garment is needed ASAP we can offer faster services (at higher rates). Include $40 per garment with Rush! on the tag. Your garment will be completed as fast as humanly possible and shipped priority back to you. (The $40 covers our shipping, and should in most cases cover all work done, this fee is non-refundable if the garment takes less time then expected to complete. )

Completion of pieces:
Upon completion of work you will receive a bill with total cost, based upon hours taken to complete work. Once the bill is paid in full your items will be shipped back to you.

We are not responsible for inaccurate alterations if these instructions are not followed.

FAQ for section:

User name?
For those of you who ordered before, you will be given a user name based upon your e-mail address. This is for my records (in the event someone with the same name orders from me) as well as for your referral count.

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