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The Website


Website can be found here: http://www.1kitai.com/ Please use that site from now on as this one is no longer updated.  If you see something from this site that is not there drop us an e-mail at order@1kitai.com and we'll look it up for you. 

Over all the 1kitai.com site should have more items then this one.

  • Holiday Scarves

    I'm currently adding Winter/Fall colored scaves to my Etsy For most of them: Shortest is 59 inches long, longest is over 80 inches, all 4 1/2 to 4…

  • Earrings- update

    Page has been updated to include the double dice design.

  • Masks

    My roommmate and I do these 50/50. Masks All masks are hand painted with hand mixed colors. Mask styles include MLP and historical masks.…

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