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Commissions (costumes and other things)

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Two things to keep in mind, first off I am willing to do payment plans on things such as costumes, meaning rather then paying the full amount at once you can make small payments and as soon as your costume is paid for I’ll ship it to you. Collapse )

About Wigs:
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Shoes/boot covers:
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Click here to see pieces/costumes I've done in the past. (please note, I don't have picture of all of my costumes cause I'm a dork and forgot to take pictures at some cons. Also some images are hard to see since they were taken at cons.) If it says "Commission" in the summery then it was made for someone else, also you can see the full info on the picture by hovering over it. Expect this to be updated any time I finish anything from now on. If it says "In progress" anywhere in the information it means that piece was not finished at the time the picture was taken).

Penny Sale

Penny Sale:

These are E-bay only sales.

What is it? Cost?
-All listings start at $0.25, not a penny to cover the insertion fee on ebay.
-Shipping is rounded to $8. This covers the cost of a tracking number.
-All orders are shipped upon recent of payment.
-Payment must be received within two weeks of end of auction.
-Combined shipping is not offered.

-These orders are not eligible for any special offers from 1Kitai.

-Items are shipped “as is” unless otherwise stated; we will not do alterations to pieces for free.

These items are test pieces. They are not lower quality or anything like that, their just pieces I wanted to see how they would look going from 2-D to 3-D.

The sales will be every few months, no pieces should be the same ever.

-The first sale should be December 1st and ads will run on ebay for default ebay ad length.

If you wish to be updated when a sale will run e-mail onekitai[at]yahoo[dot]com subject: sale. To be updated anytime we add things e-mail with the subject: update
e-mails with no subject will get added to the update list.

Again, listings start at $0.25 plus $8 shipping ($8.25 total) The price may go up depending upon how many people bid.

Each piece is crafted the same way $80 orders are, and the same grantee applies. If It is damaged due to a fault of ours return it to us and we’ll fix it.

* Size of all costumes/outfits are listed in the ad.

*still working on* Lolita-Dresses

Note: Images of the designs are below the cut, as such this entree is image heavy and may take a while to load on dial up.

All designs used here are owned by 1Kitai and ChiiruChan/Kore Kawaii Desu and should not be replicated or used anywhere else.

updated 4/28
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