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1kitai's Journal

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This is an lj store.

Nearly everything listed will have been made by myself

What can you expect to see here? Everything and anything. (I joke not, just take a look) It's my personal goal to surprise people with the stuff they can find here. I want you go look and go 'they make that?' I'm going to try and add a weird item every month.

What do we have listed? bags, cosplay commissions, costumes, prop weapons, magnets, lolita designs, just take a look.

We hope to add: blankets, quilts, and anything else we can think of.

It is my goal, to expand this store to a website at some point this fall. From there I want to expand enough to hire people locally, make a business and bring industry (even if it is a small one) to an area that needs it. My Area

How you can help? Simple, check us out and order an item, every purchase brings us closer to building a bigger business.

(It is our hope to have a paid site in about a year, but we need to start making money here first)

As entrees are dated out of order to find out what's been updated your going to need to ether check each entree.